Landmark_SIG_075 Special Interest Group July (pm) 2015


In this session we wanted to look at the ability to create reports. In particular, the user wanted to look at how to create a report with areas of hardscapes along with volumes of hardscapes.

The first part of this is to create the actual hardscape objects and to set them up the way that they need to be. For example, hardscapes we want to get area information from have been drawn to the correct size, hardscapes that we want to get volume information from have to be drawn with the correct thickness. When we have enough objects to get started, we can create a report. The report will use the information attached to the hardscape objects. This makes it easy, there’s no need to create your own record format to do this, the hardscape object has all the information we need embedded into it. In order to create the report we used a worksheet.

The worksheet needed editing to make sure that it would find the areas that we wanted for surface area and the objects that we wanted for volume information. We also looked at editing the report so that surface areas were all together, volume areas were all together and edge objects were all together. All these objects can be reported along with their unit costs so that a total budget can be created.


Landscape 075 July 2015 pm

Download the Vectorworks 2015 file…


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