3 thoughts on “Vectorworks Tip 292 – Create Massing Models Quickly

  1. The thing I’ve always found really annoying about this (and why we continue to use somewhat clunky work-arounds) is that it does everything so easily – except the 1 thing I need from it. Which is a breakdown of the land-uses. It invites you to nominate different uses for different floors – then adds them all together! What use is that? I need to know the total GFA in a development – how much retail, commercial, and how much residential, civic, etc. Any ideas on how to get that? Or break into the record format and add to it?


    • If you wanted to schedule out the land use, can you use the space object? that might be more work for creating each floor of the project, but it would allow you to schedule out more information. Failing that, what about using a custom record attached to the massing model?

  2. Space object? That’s only Architect, yeah? At present we just stack 2d poly’s and use a worksheet which does the same thing (other than the 3d model for looks). But records – have always known that’s where we’ll end up. I’ll have a play, assuming I only need to set the number of floors of the massing model and deal with the landuse separately in the record. Are you able to use Modify By Record with the massing model? (for eg colour?

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