Vectorworks Tip 284 – Site Modeling – Send to Surface


Intermediate – When you create some objects, they are not automatically placed at the correct height relative to the site model. This command (Send to Surface) will change the elevation of the objects so that they sit correctly on the site model.

3 thoughts on “Vectorworks Tip 284 – Site Modeling – Send to Surface

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    We have been trying to use the send to surface tool to bring up our recession planes onto the site model as per your Vectorworks Architects Manual. For some reason the recession lines does not seem to be able to send to surface, even though in the top view, the lines do sit directly over the site model.

    The site model itself didn’t seem to be quite right itself, it was able to produce a site mesh based on the 3D stakes we created, but in plan view, it will not display the contour lines (We have checked our increments).

    We have the suspicion that the site model might not be quite right. Would this be a reason why our recession lines are not sending to surface?

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