SST_1506 – Site Modeling in Vectorworks

Cover ImageA site model is a way of looking at 3D data (spot levels or contours) in a way that allows you to see complex 3D models and 2D representations. VectorWorks uses the 3D information to create the models based on the data to help you understand the 2D and 3D nature of your site.

First you have to put in 3D data, such as spot levels, contours or surveyor’s file. Then you ask VectorWorks to create a site model from this data. VectorWorks uses a set of algorithms to analyze the information and then creates the 2D and 3D representations. The algorithms can be thought of as a set of mathematical assumptions that are used to calculate the 2D contours and 3D model. Because of these assumptions you may get some odd shaped contours, or 3D models that don’t look as you expected. A Site Model is not reality, it’s a mathematical model of the data you give VectorWorks. Better data – better Site Model.


Importing Information

  • Import A Survey Drawing With 2D Information
  • Importing An Image
  • Importing A PDF
  • Creating 3D Information
  • Creating 3D Information using Polygons
  • Importing Survey Data
  • Grid Entry Method
  • Adding Spot Levels Using Stake Objects
  • Importing A Survey Drawing With 3D Information

Site Modeling

  • Creating  the Site Model
  • Adding Additional Site Model Data54
  • Editing The Site Model Crop
  • Editing Site Model Labels
  • Creating A Site Model Snapshot
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