cadmovie1503_09 – BIM for Landscape – Part 9

IFC – When you create BIM projects, one of the major parts of the project is the ability to share information with other people who will not be using the same program. IFC was intended as a way of sharing information (not just lines as in DXF/DWG) between computer programs, allowing Vectorworks to talk to Revit or Archicad, for example.


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One thought on “cadmovie1503_09 – BIM for Landscape – Part 9

  1. Thanks Jonathon,
    I always thought IFC was a bit scary… and unnecessary.
    However, since you explained it so logically, it now looks pretty simple if you follow the steps… and I know, as a subscriber that I have your support and can ask questions in the many online workshops.
    Since the rest of the world is using IFC, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes an industry standard here too.
    So I’m using IFC on all projects from now on. Done.

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