Landmark_SIG_072 Special Interest Group May (am) 2015

Screenshot 2015-05-23 at 15.33.16In this session we looked at placing a swimming pool in a site model. We have previously looked at creating a swimming pool (SST_1102) but in this session we looked at how to use the swimming pool to form the cutout in the site model. To modify the site model a site modifier is required and the swimming pool can be used to create it. We looked at the concept of site modifiers (pads and grade limits). After the pool, we looked at creating a plant schedule that would report the plants by category. We have done this previously, but it we decided to go over it again, but this time with reference to VW Plants database, because it is important to make sure that the categories you assign to plants are carried though from the Plants Database. We also looked at the problem of duplicating plants and the conflict with the plant name or plant ID. There is still the question of creating existing plants that you do not want to appear in the plant schedule. If you want to see the plant tag, you have to turn on the option (on plant schedule) and if you do not want it in the schedule, you could use a class for existing plants and make sure that the plants on that class are not included.


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