SST_1505 – Roofing in Vectorworks

Cover ImageRoofs in Vectorworks are powerful, but most users do not understand how much they can change and edit the roof. The purpose of this manual is to show you how flexible the roof is, and what to do in complex situations.

If you are an architect it will be unusual to create a building that does not have a roof. If you are a landscaper then it is useful to create a simple building with a simple roof that reflects the building that you working with. Roofs in Vectorworks can be made from walls or from planar objects (rectangles, polygons, etc.). You need to have this shape to define the extent the roof.

The roof object in Vectorworks can be used to create complex roofs, but sometimes the roof objects is that the shape too complex to create. In this case you have to find a way to simplify the outline to a point that Vectorworks can create the roof.

When you make a roof in Vectorworks it creates a 2D and a 3D object. This means that you can use the roof to help make elevations and sections.


  • Introduction
  • Creating a Roof
  • Editing a Roof
  • Split Gable Roof
  • Offset Gable
  • Cutout in a Standard Roof
  • Reshaping a roof
  • Dealing with the Challenging Roof
  • Inserting a Dormer Window
  • Inserting a Skylight

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