Architect_069 Architect Special Interest Group May 2015 (am)

image058+In this session we looked at the problem of scanning a large drawing and getting it into Vectorworks. The answer is to use Photoshop to photomerge the smaller scans into a large scan, then import that into Vectoworks. There is an extended podcast that covers this.  Then we looked at snapping in Vectorworks. It might sound like a basic thing to cover, but the reality is a lot of people don’t know about these basic things and there are a lot of choices to make with the snapping. We looked at the choices that we can make with object snaps, when to turn most of the object snaps off and how it might help with dimensioning. While we were dimensioning we also looked at adding notes to dimensions. We looked at most of the snap options in Vectorworks, when to use them and when to turn them off. We also looked at a technique using Custom tool/attribute that would allow you to save your snap settings and create a small script. We also looked at how the scripts can be copied from one file to another.



Architect 069 May 2015 am


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