Landmark_SIG_070 Special Interest Group April (pm) 2015

This session looked at Libraries (any type of library), their basic concepts, how to access, create, edit and where to store them (as since version 2015 there have been changes / improvements). It also showed how to add and edit categories in the Plant Database and how to create your own Plant List (e.g. Create Plant List from found Favorites) that serves as a quick link access database when creating a new plant (Editing Plant Definition). It also covered how to create your own report (schedule, worksheet), how to edit it (data and graphic-wise) and how to use it. Finally it showed how to export this new worksheet to your library for future use in other files. In the process the topics also covered were: Add New Favorite Files, Locate Symbol in Resource Browser, Create Symbol (Convert to Group option, Assign to Class, Insertion Point), Create New Design Layer, Change Layer Scale, World vs. Page based Units, Create New Folder (for symbols), Edit Plant Definition.


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