Landmark_SIG_069 Special Interest Group March (pm) 2015

This session looked at 3D modelling, creating a tent sail & posts & deck steps using NURBS modelling, Loft Surface tool, Project tool, 3D Polygon tool, Convert to NURBS command, Extrude Along Path (Uniform & Exponential) commands, Offset tool, Create Objects from Shapes (into Floor and Hardscape) command. It also covered creating two deformed columns using the Regular Polygon tool, Push/Pull and Deform (taper & twist) tool, Shell Solid tool plus editing existing textures (adding a transparency) to suit. In the process the topics also covered were: Orthogonal View, Z key, B key, Clip Surface tool, Rotate tool, Move by Points tool, Walkthrough, Subtract Solids command, Extract (Surface) tool & Unfold Surfaces command.


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