Landmark_SIG_068 Special Interest Group March (am) 2015

This session looked at the differences between using a Massing Model and creating a simple house with standard Wall and Roof tools. As demonstrated there are more benefits when using the latter, e.g. can add windows and doors. It also highlighted the Heliodon tool to generate solar studies. It demonstrated the advantages of using standard tools and objects (Walls, Columns, etc.) to populate landscapes (textures, time saving, graphic representation 2D/3D) or else using the Create Auto Hybrid command to control 2D/3D graphics. Finally it looked at the graphic representation of plants influenced by the settings in plant definitions (e.g. Mass Planting on/off) and how they can be edited plus adding plants (2D/3D) to the Landscape Area. In the process also covered were: Line Weight (for walls), editing Hardscape settings, changing the colour of an existing texture, Gradients & Attribute Mapping Tool, B key, J-click.


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