Landmark_SIG_065 Special Interest Group January (pm) 2015

image125In this session we looked at how to create a Site Model by importing a Shapefile and how to use a Hardscapes as a Site Modifier. We started by importing a Shapefile, simplifying it (Simplify Polys command), editing its crop and importing more Shapefiles to create kerbs and buildings. Shapefiles come with various data attached, e.g. 2D objects can very quickly be turned into 3D forms / buildings (Modify by Record command). Placing a sun (Heliodon tool) and having shadows shown in OpenGL. Rotating the plan. Creating Hardscapes (several terraced beds on a slope [Create Objects from Shapes command]) and using Stake objects to the determine their correct elevations. Adding Grade Limits / Pad Limits (Site Modifiers) and editing the Hardscapes. The session also looked at two ways of placing plants on the terraces (Plant tool vs Landscape Area tool).


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