Vectorworks Design Summit Day 1

The Design Summit opened with several session of advanced training. These sessions were intensive 3 hrs of training on Landmark, Architect and Site Modelling. I wish I had been able to enjoy the Architect Session – it was focussed on layers, levels and stories, something I have done a few times on this site. It would have been been good to see another point of view.
My training was focused on Site Modeling. This is always a good topic and a topic that often causes confusion. I tried to go slow with this training so that the attendees took in the basics fully. We had enough time for the attendees to work through the topics as I presented them. 

This is a big topic – there is so much to cover. I think it is important to make sure that users understand the basics. So we started with the basics and worked though those, step-by-step.

These are the topics we covered:
Making a Site Model

  • Importing Information
  • Import a Survey Drawing as 2D Information
  • Import an Image
  • Import a Survey Drawing a 3D Information
  • Creating 3D Information
  • Creating the Site Model

Site Modifiers

  • Roads
  • Pads and Grade Limits
  • Cut and Fill Calculations
  • Hardscape
  • Stake Object
  • 3D Polylines
  • Texture Bed

You can download the notes from this session here…

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