SST_1504 – Rendering

Cover ImageRendering is one of the fun parts of using Vectorworks. Rendering is where you bring together the lighting, the textures, and the rendering settings to create the kind of visual presentation that you want. Vectorworks has a huge range of options when it comes to creating your rendered views. Do not forget to look at the manual on textures and the lighting manual before you start to render your project. You have to do all that preparation work first. 
These sessions looked at the rendering options so that you will know what choices you have when it comes time to present your project. We will be looking at Render Bitmap tool, which will be used to test areas of your view, and we will be looking at batch rendering, a technique that will allow you to create high quality renderings when you are not in front of your computer. Contents Vectorworks and Document Preferences

  • Vectorworks Preferences
  • Display Tab
  • 3D Tab
  • Grid

Setting 3D Views

  • Quick 3D Views
  • The Flyover Tool
  • The Walkthrough Tool.
  • Set 3D View

Rendering Types

  • Wireframe
  • Line Rendering
  • OpenGL
  • Fast Renderworks
  • Custom Renderworks
  • Renderworks Style
  • Artistic Renderworks

Render Bitmap tool Batch Render

  • Create Batch Render Job
  • Start Batch Render Job
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  1. You are right. the movie links in the manual are not working yet. This manual is a draft at the moment. I still have to finish the movies and proof-read the manual.

  2. If you download the manual again, you will find that the links in the manual have been activated. I am uploading all the movies for the manual this week, so by the end of the week all the movies should be there.

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