Vectorworks Design Summit April 27-29 2015 – Session 2 Creating and Managing Libraries – Notes


Jonathan Pickup, Author and Director of Training, archoncad

Wednesday 4:30PM – 5:30PM

Libraries seems to be the one area of Vectorworks the cause the most confusion. It seems that users are confused about their own Vectorworks library, where they should store parts of it, and where the best place to store all their information is. It is tempting to think that you only need to have one library file that you can put all your resources in there. However this is not how Vectorworks is set up.

Vectorworks has a system called Default Content. This default content automatically turns up when it’s needed. For example, hatches have their own location in your Vectorworks User Folder. Storing your hatches in this location will mean that when you apply hatches to an object they will automatically appear on the Attributes palette. This makes your default content very powerful, but you must store the information in the correct locations.

The Vectorworks Concept Default Content is extremely important if you want to use Vectorworks Effectively and productively. In simple terms default content is a place to store your library information so that it appears when you need it.

This is quite different from the other method where you have a single file for your library information. In the scenario, if you need a hatch you will have to look for your library file to find the hatches.

The Default Content method uses a system restore your information and specific folders in your user or workgroup folder. Hatches have their own location in the default library, in a folder called Attributes – Hatches. By storing your hatches in this location Vectorworks Will not present the hatches every time you click on a button that looks for hatches. Typically this would be the Attributes Palette, but it also will apply if you are creating surface hatches on your textures.

Default Content covers all of the Vectorworks tools and attributes, so it will include things like layers and classes, hatches, gradients, wall styles, line types, textures, text styles, etc.

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