Vectorworks Design Summit April 27-29 2015

On April 27-29th  in Philadelphia, PA., Nemetschek Vectorworks are hosting the Design Summit 2015. This is a fantastic opportunity to get together at a special event with people who share your belief and passion and using Vectorworks. There will be several keynote presentations, breakout sessions that cover specific topics, and engineers and trainers will be available for one-on-one sessions.

If you are able to attend, you will get a lot out of this Design Summit. If you are an architect in America, many of these keynote presentations and breakout sessions carry CPD points for the AIA. On the Vectorworks website they list five main reasons for attending:
  • thought leadership and best practices
  • networking
  • product training
  • product development
  • and entertainment.
For the first time ever Nemetschek Vectorworks is going to give you a sneak peek into the future of Vectorworks software. Normally, Nemetschek Vectorworks are very private about coming features in Vectorworks, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get a heads up on what’s new.
The keynote addresses by Sean Flaherty, Leo Van Broeck, Biplab Sarkar, and Adrian McGregor are sure to be entertaining, informative, and inspiring. Sean Flaherty is the CEO of Nemetschek Vectorworks, so I’m sure we will hear about how Vectorworks is doing in the world. Biplap Sharkar  is the chief technology officer for Nemetschek Vectorworks and he will be talking about the future of Vectorworks. This should be a really exciting presentation showing us where Vectorworks will be heading in the future. Adrian McGregor is a landscape architect from Australia who uses Vectorworks on large-scale landscape projects. The more I see Vectorworks being used by landscape architects, the more I believe we’ve got the right software for the job.
As well as these keynote addresses there will be an exhibition hall with several stands from companies like Canon, blue beam software, Maxon, etc.
There are many many breakout sessions that cover a huge range of topics. These topics should keep you occupied all day. It looks to me like this can be something for everybody at the sessions. If that wasn’t enough, there engineers and trainers will be available for you to book and for one-on-one help.
When I see what’s going to be available at the Design Summit, I think everybody should do their best to get there. For my readers who are not in the USA, I can understand your frustration at having so much cool stuff available, but it so hard to get there. If you can afford to go, I think you’ll get some huge benefits out of it!
I have been very fortunate to be offered two of the breakout sessions on Tuesday afternoon  where I will be covering How to Set up and Maintain Your Library and BIM for Landscapers. If you can come to this Design Summit, look out for me, it will be great to catch up with you.

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