SST_1503 – BIM for Landscape in Vectorworks

Cover ImageBuilding Information Modelling is a powerful way of dealing with landscape information in Vectorworks. There is a lot of talk about Building Information Modelling (BIM) in relation to architecture, but not a lot of talk about BIM in relation to landscape. The principles behind BIM can be used to speed up the production of your landscape projects and drawings.

One of the important aspects of BIM is that you can attach information to objects that may not be printed (non-graphic information). For example, a plant object will have not just its plan representation, it will also have a 3-D representation, it can also have plant data attached to it, and you could also create your own data and attach that to the plant. One of the discussions I have had with landscapers is the ability to attach to each plant the amount of water that it needs for irrigation or being able to attach the embedded energy for each square meter of concrete.

In its most simplest terms, building information modeling allows you to create plans, sections, and details from the 3-D model of your project, along with reports on the number of plants, the areas of landscape, the areas of hard scape, etc.

This manual is not a tutorial on site modeling, there are the manuals that cover that, nor is this manual about how to create plants, there are the manuals for that as well. This manual is an overview of the concept of building information modeling and how that could be applied to a landscape project.


  • Introduction
  • Basic Principles
  • Site Modeling
    • Making a Site Model
    • Site Modifiers
    • Pads and Grade Limits
  • Planting
    • What is a Plant?
    • Planting
  • Landscape Areas
  • Hardscape Areas
  • Symbols
  • Reporting
  • IFC Import and Export
    • Introduction
    • IFC Objects in Vectorworks
    • What is IFC Used For?
    • Exporting an IFC Project
    • IFC Model Viewer

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