SST_1502 – Lighting

Cover ImageLighting is the most important part rendering. I always say that good lighting can make a mediocre model look great, but poor lighting can make a great model look terrible. It’s really important to get good quality lighting on your model.

This manual will be looking at the different types of light sources you can put in your model along with the other lighting options. Putting in the correct light sources and managing them is fundamental to showing your model in the best possible way..

This manual start by looking at the lighting options such as environmental lighting, ambient lighting, and background. These are important to give your overall scene the correct tone and shadows. Next the manual will look at the different types of lights that you can apply to your model. Using the correct lighting and managing it settings is crucial if you want your building is to read correctly. Finally, we will look at bringing all of these techniques together to light a scene using a viewport.



Lighting Options

  • Ambient Info
  • Emitter Brightness
  • Environment Lighting

Light Sources

  • Heliodon
  • Point Light
  • Spot Lights
  • Custom Lights
  • Line Lights
  • Area Lights
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