Vectorworks Tip #200 – What is the Best Tip?

200! I was trying to think of something important to tell you for my 200th Vectorworks Tip. I was wondering if there was something crucial like 3D modeling, site modeling, layers and classes, etc. So what do I think is the most important Vectorworks Tip?

I do not want this to sound like self-promotion, but I believe that the best I can give you is to make sure that you attend regular Vectorworks Training. It does not have to be my subscription group (although the subscribers tell me this is the best facility available on the Internet) but it does have to be regular. If you get regular monthly training, you will improve dramatically over the year. My subscribers are telling me that by attending the online sessions every month their use of Vectorworks has dramatically improved in the last year. This may sound like an exaggeration, but I am only telling you what they tell me. I have regular stories from uses that are now using Vectorworks in a completely different and more effective way.
So my tip #200 to is to make sure you attend regular monthly training. If you have a local user group attend it, ask questions while you are there, and practice when you leave.

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