Should Furniture be on its Own Layer?

I’m writing my manual for the January online workshops and I am thinking about the structure of layers and stories. Traditionally I put all my furniture on the same layer as the walls. But I am thinking that if you use stories, it might be easier to put all the furniture on its own layer. That would make it easy to turn on or off, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the classes on the furniture symbols.
Do you agree?

Until now I have always used classes to control the visibility of furniture, but it does mean that I have to be careful about the class names that I use in my library. I was curious what you all thought, and it seems that most of the comments agree with my current system. Thank you for your comments.

6 thoughts on “Should Furniture be on its Own Layer?

  1. I’m inclined to stick with furniture on its own (single) class but on the same layer as the walls. I have no trouble turning it on/off as needed AND I can control the furniture’s graphics, which is often needed depending on who is looking at the drawing.

    Furniture on its own layer would indeed require each floor having its own furniture layer. That will make a file rather busy, layer-wise. The only time I currently give furniture on a floor its own layer is when I’m doing space planning options.

  2. I also typically use the Furniture-Main class to control furniture on/off, but I could well see using a layer or Level for better control of alternative layouts. Or in combination where there are not enough differences in plan to warrant another plan layer, but enough minor differences to require a quick way to show them.

    It may be simpler, though, just to use Furniture classes for this, ie , furniture-1 and furniture 2 for the alternatives.

  3. I’ve always been inclined to use classes for furniture. However I have used design layers and classes. I’d set it up as design layers: furn-floor 1, furn-floor 2, etc, then classes: furn-alt 1, furn-alt 2 and so on. When the client made up the mind I just archive or delete the ones not used.

  4. I believe in Jonathan’s adage that layers are the container to hold the stuff which are identified by classes. Since furniture is “stuff” I would put it on a class that can be easily turned on or off within a layer. Adding extra layers for furniture on every floor plan could lead to many extra layers depending on how many floors there are.

    I could see this being a slippery slope, adding furniture to a layer, could lead to adding some other objects to their own layer.

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