Welcome to 2015

Welcome to 2015

It seems to me that many parts of the world are coming out of the recession and I know many Vectorworks users are getting busy. If you are getting busy, you need to maximise your productivity in all areas of your business – not just Vectorworks.
I can help you to improve productivity with Vectorworks. The monthly manuals, monthly meetings, and large number of movies will really help to improve your productivity in Vectorworks.

Attending the monthly sessions means that you get to guide the direction of that session. Many attendees use these sessions to build their skill, but in the direction they want. Many users do say to me that they would attend my sessions if they weren’t so busy. The sessions only take one hour a month, even if you attend multiple special interest groups it is still only a few hours a month. Being able to improve your productivity by a few minutes a day will pay this back within a couple of weeks.

If you’re not busy then you need to use your available time to improve your Vectorworks skills. I know of one user that spent his down time going through every manual and every movie on my website. His skill level has improved dramatically and now he is fully employed and very busy.

2014 was a great year for the Archoncad subscription service. We have the website working well, we brought a new special interest groups, and we have now reformatted the monthly manuals so they fit on large phone screens better.

At the end of 2014 the subscribers decided what topics they would like to see presented in 2015. These will be commencing in a few weeks, starting with the new story controls and how they will affect walls, stairs, etc. Later on in the year will be looking at the new curtainwall features. You can see the new topics on the website.

I have had a very encouraging success at a local university where they wanted to teach Vectorworks. At the start of 2014 they had no staff capable of teaching Vectorworks, but by using my help they were able to introduce Vectorworks as a fundamental part of the course and by using my manuals the students were able to produce amazing results by the end of the year. I have been back to help them improve the quality of the course for 2015, so watch out for a series of movies an exercises on my YouTube channel that will expand the exercises in my essential tutorial manual.

2015 will finally see some new courses being rolled out in India. I’ve been working hard with the Indian distributor to bring these courses to local universities and technical institutes. If you are in India and you want to attend contact your local distributor – we have been developing training that will make you very fast and efficient at using Vectorworks.
We have also had great success getting Vectorworks into large commercial landscape businesses. These large companies appreciate the abilities that Vectorworks has in dealing with landscape issues, even though the other parts of these organisations are not using Vectorworks. The face-to-face training, the wealth of training resources, and the skill of the trainer has been fundamental to getting these businesses up and running quickly.

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