How to Find and Download a Manual from This Website

The site contains over 80 manuals that are created in the PDF form for you to read either online or off-line. If you want to read the manuals off-line you will have to download them and save them to your computer or mobile device.

Step 1

Find the manual you want. You can either use the search box at the top right hand corner of the screen or you can use the pull-down menu to find all the manuals on this website in a chronological order.


Step 2

When you have found the manual that you want to read, click on its title so that opens in your web browser. Generally, you will find an introduction first, then you will find the topics that have been covered in the manual and at the very bottom you will find a blue link that will enable you to read the manual.

When you click on this link it will open the manual in your web browser.


Step 3

The manuals are created in a PDF format. Most web browsers will show the manual correctly. Usually when you move your mouse across the manual you will see a series of icons at the bottom right-hand corner of your web browser. These icons allow you to zoom, fit to page, print or save.


If you want to save this manual to your computer for later reading, click on the save icon, choose your location and save the manual. To locate the manual you have saved, you have to go to its location. I recommend you create a folder on your computer for saving all of these manuals into, it will make it quicker and easier to find them when you want them.

Another technique to consider is copying the manuals to your mobile device so that you always have them handy. If you are using an iPhone, try using the iBooks or iTunes application to copy the books to your iPhone. If you are using an android phone being copy the books directly from your computer to a suitable location on your phone.

This image shows my manuals stored on my iPhone.


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