BIM_SIG_059 Architect Special Interest Group December 2014 (am)

In this session we looked at how to control the surface hatching in Hidden Line viewports and we talked about the strategy for creating a site plan with a building on it. There are a couple of strategies for this, you can create all the layers with the same scale and have the stories of the building line up with the site, or you can use design layer viewports to link the building to the site (which is the usual strategy that I use), we looked at creating a site model that uses the correct elevation heights (and there are two options for this), solar studies, using design layer viewports, and installing custom tools.

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10 thoughts on “BIM_SIG_059 Architect Special Interest Group December 2014 (am)

  1. Hi,
    Ht to boundary.
    I heard you mentioned that someone was not able to get this plugin to work in 2015… well that was probably me and watching this one you gave the instructions how to install your plugins, now works fine. It was your comments that said DON’T unzip the folder.

    Thanks again.

    • I am glad that you are able to use the plug-ins with Vectorworks 2015. Vectorworks Has changed the system for installing plug-ins, so it is important that use the new system of importing them without unzipping them.
      Thank you for confirming that this is the solution.

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