cadmovie1069 – Creating and Managing Libraries – Part 1

In order for your library to work, you have to turn on the option to Display default content. You access this in the Vectorworks Preferences. Default Content is where Vectorworks looks into specific folders for content that will work with the tool or command that you are using.

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5 thoughts on “cadmovie1069 – Creating and Managing Libraries – Part 1

  1. Jonathon,

    I’m trying to set up my library-defaults. From the above video, VW has its library-default in the App Folder. Where do I find the User Folder for my customizable defaults? Or is this something that I copy and locate elsewhere in my computer or server? Then I assume, the User Folder is the one I modify…?

    Thanks… Glad to be back.

    • If you go to your Vectorworks Preferences, then choose User Folder. This dialog box will show yo just where your user folder is stored, and it also has a button called Reveal in Finder, or Explore (depending on your operating system).

    • If you go to the Vectorworks Preferences there is a tab for User Folder. If you click on that tab it will show you where the user folder is. Even better, there is a button you can click on go to the user folder.

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