Podcast 204 – Add Solid, Subtract Solid, Intersect Solid

image026I have been working on a project that requires quite a bit of 3D modelling. To make this quicker, I use a combination of Add Solid, Subtract Solid and Intersect Solid. Using these tools makes it extremely quick to model this complex situation. Somebody asked me why do I use these particular techniques when I could use other techniques like Taper Face or Section Solid. The Intersect Solid is an interesting technique. It is fast, but more importantly it allows you to go back and adjust your work quickly.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 204 – Add Solid, Subtract Solid, Intersect Solid

  1. This a quite magnificent example of features not very known to me. I was wondering if you had some issues with walls that have had some subtraction or addition. I find that they no longer permit viewport overrides as in line weight or color and fill/hatch type.

    • Add Solid, Subtract Solid, and Intersect Solid should not be used with walls unless there is no other way. As soon as you use one of these solid modelling commands on a wall object, it stops being a wall object and it becomes a solid subtraction, solid addition, or an intersect solid. It is better to use wall projections and wall recesses if you want to add or subtract solid objects to walls.

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