Landmark_SIG_061 Special Interest Group November (am) 2014

In this session we covered site modelling and how to create logs and rocks using the 3D tools. The site modelling part of this session covered a lot of detail about creating and modifying a site model, from importing the data, converting the data to 3D contours, creating the alterations to the site model, and rendering the scene. A user that attended this session wanted to create a school playground using a site model so that the changes to the site could be shown to the client.

Topics Covered:

Site modelling

  • Creating contour lines
  • Converting them to 3D Polygons
  • Using the ‘Simplify Polys…’ command to reduce the number of vertices, hence speeding up the generation of the site
  • model
  • Giving the contour lines a height
  • Creating the site model and setting up the required classes for it
  • Using the Reshape tool to delete unnecessary vertices and to edit the crop shape
  • Moving labels
  • Creating polylines for a planned mound
  • Grouping the polylines (can later easily be moved 2D or 3D or even between files)
  • Using the ‘Show other objects while in editing mode’
  • Using the Offset tool
  • Converting the polylines into Pads (Site Modifiers) and inserting a Grade Limit
  • Updating the Site Model
  • Editing and smoothing the polys
  • Inserting the Heliodon Tool and changing the OpenGL settings to a higher quality and to show shadows
  • Applying the ‘Mesh smoothing with crease angle’ command to further smooth the site model (this does not change the data, it only changes the graphic look!)
  • Creating a Texture Bed (Site Modifier). HINT: the elevation of the Texture Bed relates to the existing Site Model, not to 0.
  • Duplicating, moving the mound and reversing its elevations = creating a hole in the ground, e.g. sand trap. HINT: make
  • sure that the ‘Minimum Elevation’ in the Site Model Settings is adjusted accordingly
  • Using a 3D Loci as a Site Modifier to improve the look of the sand trap
  • Cutting a mound in order to be able to add a retaining wall

Vectorworks Service Select (downloads)

  • Offers a lot of great symbols (cars, lights, VB visual plants, landscape screens, planters, rocks, etc.)
  • Another great source is SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse
  • Downloading and importing logs (into a separate file)
  • Modifying the log, using the Contour tool and the Loft Surface tool
  • Duplicating the log and scaling it, adding solids
  • Importing the finished into the original file
  • Downloading and importing rocks

Creating your own rocks

  • Using the Slice, Deform and Push/Pull tool
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