SST_1411 – Walls and Wall Styles

Cover ImageI believe it is very important to learn to draw walls regardless of your profession. I believe that walls are useful for architects, landscapers, set designers, and engineers.

If you’re doing architectural work, then it should be absolutely clear why you need to use walls to draw your projects, but that’s making a large assumption on my part. The reason I assume that you should be using walls if you’re doing an architectural project has because walls do such a great job of creating the 2-D plan and 3-D part of your buildings. I know some clients would rather use rectangles to draw their buildings rather than learn how to use the walls properly. This might be all right to create a sort of plan, but it certainly will not help you if you want to create a BIM project. Walls on the other hand can replicate the look that you want in plan, but they will also create a 3-D part that you can use as part of your BIM project.

If you’re doing landscape work, you might think that walls are only for architects. But a lot of the landscape work that I see has a building component. For example, I saw a project the other day that had a pizza oven and barbecue built into a structure to shelter the outdoor area from the wind. This project required several walls to create the wind protection, and the structure for the pizza oven. If you want to build a shed, create structure for a deck, or create fencing, the wall tool can be useful.


  • Introduction
  • Drawing Walls
    • Polygon Mode
    • Rectangular Mode
    • Left/Right/Central Control Mode
    • Core Component Control Line
  • Editing Walls
    • Trim Tool
    • Split Tool
    • Connected Walls Mode
    • Joining Walls
    • Healing Walls
  • Editing Walls in 3D
    • Adding a Peak to a Wall
    • Editing the Height of a Wall
    • Removing a Peak from a Wall
    • Fit Walls to Objects
    • Using Walls On Multilevel Plans
  • Wall Styles
    • Creating a Wall Style
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