BIM_SIG_055 Architect Special Interest Group October 2014 (am)

2014-10-23_11-40-13In the session the users wanted to look at the clip cube, how to use the clip cube to create section viewports, how to create section viewports with a step in the section line, how to control the graphics on a section viewport and how to deal with the gable wall in a split gable roof.

Topics Covered:

Clip Cube

  • Set the clip cube as a quick preference, this makes it easy to activate and deactivate
  • use the selection tool to edit the size of the clip cube, highlight the face that you want to move
  • Vectorworks 2015 shows caps on the cut objects on the clip cube
  • use the clip cube, right-click on the face of the clip cube, and choose Create Section viewport, this creates a section viewport using the settings of the clip cube

Section Viewports

  • editing the Attribute settings of the Advanced Section Properties dialog box
  • Merged Cross Sections will merge together all of the cut objects
  • editing the Section Style class to change the graphic style of your sections
  • changing the Advanced Section Properties of a section viewport, using classes to control the graphic style of the objects in section
  • changing the graphic style of objects beyond the section plane, using a single class to control all objects beyond the section plane
  • using the section line instance to control the length and depth of the section. When you edit the section line length, the section may move on the sheet layer
  • creating a section viewport that has a step in the section line
  • changing the location of the step in the section line
  • deleting a section indicator does not remove the section from the sheet layer
  • Controlling the appearance of section line indicators on design layers and viewports
  • Controlling the surface hatches in section viewports

Note database

  • using the callout tool and setting the preferences to get the graphic style that you require
  • using the new split circle method for callouts to show a detail reference
  • using the callout as a keynote, and selecting the note legend that you want that callout to associate with
  • creating a new note database
  • creating a new section on your note database
  • creating a new note in your note database, you have a choice about how much detail and what description you want to give your note
  • changing the look and style of the keynote legend to show numbers, letters, prefix, or description
  • you can use the note description to have specification clause numbers on the callout note
  • using the callout tool with the split circle to create a detail reference marker
  • refer to manual on Annotation


  • Creating a split gable roof
  • turning off the walls under the gable roofs that are not required
  • adding a texture to the gable end wall
  • for a complex roof, break the roof up into manageable chunks and make each part separately, you can use the Edit Group command to cut out parts of the roof that are not required
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