SST_1410 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2015

Every year Vectorworks gets updated and there are always lots of new features. But we need to have more the new features – what we really need to have are benefits. Features are nice, but benefits have a reward, they make it easier to use, faster to use and more powerful.

As I did last year I have included a table with Needs/Features/Benefits. This table should assist you in finding your need, the feature associated with that need and what the benefit to you should be. Following on from that table is a detailed explanation of all the main features that are included in Vectorworks 2015.

Table of Contents:

Improved Annotation

  • Text Styles by Class
  • Variable Tab Widths
  • Text Under Dimensions
  • Outside Mode for Text
  • Dimension Text Position in Viewports
  • Elevation Benchmark Improvements
  • Callout Tool improvements
  • Drawing Label Improvements
  • Notes Manager Improvements

Better 3D

  • Better 3D Working
  • Better Rendering
  • More Advanced 3D Modelling Tools
  • Working Planes Palette


  • Faster Drawing
  • Crop PDF pages
  • Better Viewports
  • Worksheet Improvements Worksheet menus


  • More Control over Stories
  • Better Control over Walls
  • Curtain Walls
  • Easier to find Stair tool
  • Make Spaces Easier to Manage
  • More Control over Door and Window objects


  • Better Site Modelling
  • More Accurate Planting
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