Join archoncad and Novedge for a Free Webinar

2014-10-01_8-33-00Join me online for a free webinar hosted by my friends at Novedge. I often present webinars for Novedge because they are keen supporters of Vectorworks.

They asked me what I’d like to present in October and my answer was to cover in detail the changes to walls and stories. Vectorworks 2015 has got some incredible changes to walls and stories that are going to make Vectorworks very powerful. But, in order to use this power, you are going to have to understand what the changes are to story levels and how the story levels will connect with your walls and wall components. That’s what this webinar is going to be all about.

I have just finished my practice session and the image shown is what I finished up with at the end of the practice session.

Go to this website and register now to join me and my friends from Novedge

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