Landmark_SIG_050 Special Interest Group June (am) 2014

2014-09-10_20-30-35Creating / modifying a path on an existing site model and the difficulties of overcoming the challenge to generate an accurate 2D and 3D representation.


Topics Covered: 

option 1 – with 3D objects

  • using the Double-Line Polygon Tool to create the desired path
  • applying the Reshape Tool (various modes) to modify the polygon
  • applying the Send to Surface command, which creates a 3D Polygon. However this 3D Polygon is not a Site Modifier!
  • using the Simplify Polys command
  • using the Move Vertices command (entire object vs vertex only) to adjust heights
  • using the Stake tool to adjust heights

option 2 – converting shapes to Site Modifiers

  • drawing a double polygon
  • converting it to a Site Modifier with the Create Objects from Shapes command, and selecting the Pad option. This results in a 2D and 3D part
  • defining the slope
  • using the Stake tool to extract heights from site model
  • using those heights to adjust the pad
  • Center on Objects after View Change command
  • using the Site Modifiers tool to create Grade Limits
  • one of the options to create a 3D representation is to use the Extract tool (extract face mode)
  • extruding the resulting polygon to create a 3D path
  • texturing the 3D path
  • using the reshape tool to change the shape of grade limits

option 3 – using Texture Beds

  • copying and converting the existing pad into a texture bed (watch the elevation of the texture bed – it is off the site model, not the pad!)
  • using classes to control its texture

option 4 – using the Roadway (NURBS) Tool

  • this tool gives us a path much quicker, but it is tricky to create corners accurately and to control its settings and visualization


There is no easy way to combine the two parts of the path that are easily done on their own:

  • the site modification part (shape, size, angle, plan view, grade limits, etc.)
  • the visualization part (texture, height, slope, etc.)
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One thought on “Landmark_SIG_050 Special Interest Group June (am) 2014

  1. Jonathan, can a Texture Bed show a fill colour or texture when viewed in Top/Plan-Wireframe?

    I can see the Texture Bed’s (class) texture in a 3D view but in Top/Plan-Wireframe I simply get a dotted line outline of the texture bed object. Landscape Areas and Hardscapes show their class-assigned textures, but Texture Beds won’t. (I’m new to working with these three types of objects, so I may be doing something wrong… I’m open to advice.)


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