BIM_SIG_047 Architect Special Interest Group June 2014 (am)

2014-09-01_12-11-21This was a session that started to look at reporting materials. Starting with simple walls, we looked at how to report the areas and materials from them. Then we created more complex walls and looked at how to report the different materials from the walls.

Topics covered:

  • Drawing a simple plan using walls
  • creating a worksheet
  • inserting a function to calculate the simple net area of the wall
  • formatting the cell to report the correct units of the area
  • creating a new wall style to add components for the interior lining and exterior cladding, using classes to control the graphic style of each wall component
  • replacing the old walls with the new wall style
  • editing the worksheet to look for component areas, and using the Vectorworks Help to define how this function works
  • duplicating the wall style and then editing it to create internal walls
  • editing the worksheet to look for component areas on the internal walls, and using classes to define the difference between internal and external walls
  • updating the worksheet to find the internal and external surface areas on the external walls, and the surface areas of internal walls
  • Using a new wall style to create a skirting (baseboard)
  • Editing the worksheet to quantify the skirting
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