BIM_SIG_045 Architect Special Interest Group May 2014 (am)

2014-08-25_20-27-51In this session we looked at 3 main issues: a window with a sloping head with no transom, classes with walls and components and rendering viewports. Topics Covered:

  • creating a standard window
  • using the custom sash options
  • using the command “Convert to group” on a standard window
  • editing the 3D window to create a window with a mullion
  • creating a symbol from a 3D model
  • editing the window settings to “Use symbol geometry”
  • editing the symbol height so that the Vectorworks Window object is at the correct height
  • creating the 2D portion to create a hybrid symbol
  • assigning the window to the window schedule
  • changing the relationship of the line thickness using the overall wall class and the wall component classes
  • controlling classes in viewports
  • using your eyedropper tool with viewports
  • creating a Renderworks Style
  • artistic Renderworks Style
  • controlling lights in a viewport
  • creating a light with the heliodon tool
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