3D Modelling Special Interest Group – July 2014

Commands in detail – Extrude Along Path (EAP). The session decided that it would be a good idea to look at one particular command (Extrude Along Path) in detail to see what works and what doesn’t work, to see where you need to be careful and see where we can find a substitute.

Topics covered:

  • creating a polygon to be the path
  • creating a rectangle to be the profile
  • creating an Extrude Along Path (EAP)
  • looking at the EAP in detail, what the result is and is it what we wanted
  • editing the profile for the EAP to change its location
  • editing the profile of the EAP to change the shape of it
  • using a symbol from a library as the profile object for the EAP
  • Using the Reshape Tool to find the problem area with a polyline that has been preventing EAP from working
  • using EAP to create a cornice, then editing the profile so that the cornice is sitting at the correct elevation
  • creating an EAP using a NURBS curve that will not work and what you can do about it
  • using the options on the EAP dialogue box to fix the profile and lock the profile plane
  • using EAP to create a picture frame for an image prop
  • instead of using EAP you could use a Sweep object
  • using EAP to create a handrail system, then using solid modelling to remove portions of the handrail system to accommodate stairs



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