3D Modelling Special Interest Group – June 2014

Back to basics with this session. I often use a lot of 3D modelling techniques because I find them very efficient when it comes to creating my drawings. But sometimes I think that beginners get lost with my 3D modelling. In this session I decided to go back to basics and show why I think it’s important to use 3D modelling.

Topics Covered:

  • setup your file correctly using layers, classes and stories
  • editing design layer elevations
  • setting up your grid to improve drawing speed
  • drawing the walls quickly and isometric using the grid settings
  • replacing an unstyled wall with a styled wall
  • creating a slab that uses the walls as a boundary
  • copying and pasting your walls to create foundations
  • setting your page area for your printer
  • creating multiple viewports
  • creating a roof using the walls
  • editing the roof to create a pitched roof
  • using a plan viewport to create a section viewport
  • creating a new class for the faded lines in elevation
  • creating a new class and choosing the viewport visibility for new classes
  • creating a door and inserting it into walls
  • edit the viewports to see the new classes
  • editing the roof to create unwanted pitch roof
  • update all viewports
  • using class overrides in viewports
  • checking class visibility in viewports
  • inserting base cabinets
  • using the Move by Points tool to create duplicate cabinets
  • using the Clip Cube to hide parts of the design
  • editing the extent of the Clip Cube
  • save the Clip Cube with a saved view
  • using the Clip Cube to create section viewports
  • choosing your quick preferences
  • fitting your walls to 3D objects
  • updating viewports after updating the model
  • finding furniture objects, using the VSS website
  • using furniture from a library
  • creating a design layer section viewport
  • section viewport options, display flattened
  • placing the camera view to look at the section viewport
  • fine tune the camera view
  • using the camera to create a sheet layer viewport
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