SST_1406 – Creating a Room Finish Schedule

Cover ImageOn larger projects it can be a challenge to create a list of all the rooms and their finishes. This manuals looks at using the Vectorworks Space object to control the room finishes and create reports of the finishes. Another manual (1404 Introduction to Space Objects) looked at the basic concept of space objects, what they are, how to create them, and how to set their preferences. If you are not familiar with space objects, you should start with that manual. To report the information from the spaces, you will be using worksheets. Vectorworks will easily create the required worksheets for you, but if you want to understand how to control the worksheet in detail, refer to the manual on worksheets (1405 Back to Basics – Worksheets).


  • Introduction
  • Set the Space Object Preferences
  • Creating Spaces And Finishes
  • Create The Required Spaces
  • Assign The Required Finishes
  • Creating The Room Finish Schedule
  • Creating The Room Finish Report
  • Exporting The Worksheet To A Library
  • Editing Space Labels
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