Landmark_SIG_048 Special Interest Group May (am) 2014

This session looked mainly at the plant database, planting, databases and worksheets.

Vectorworks is very powerful when it come to reporting and scheduling, but before you can use these concepts, you have to understand what they mean.

Topics Covered:

  • Plants, planting, plant databases / worksheets
  • adding images to plant databases / worksheets
  • editing worksheets (sorting, adding rows & columns, adding titles, sizing imported images, etc.)
  • various modes (single, poly, poly vertex, poly edge, rectangular array, triangular array) of the Plant tool (Landmark only) and their correlation to the worksheet

hint: to re-render the screen (when having ghost leftovers) = double-click on the Pan Tool

  • Edit Crop command to resize / reshape imported images
  • creating a Detail Viewport (from an existing viewport)
  • editing the Detail Callout option
  • creating a new sheet layer directly from the Object Info palette
  • moving a detail viewport to a new sheet layer (it maintains its link to the original viewport). any changes are reflected on the original viewport
  • Rotate tool
  • editing Annotations of a viewport
  • using the B-key (X-ray mode)
  • watch SST_0901 (Creating Asset Databases) again as an introduction / refresher to creating a plant database
  • using the Custom Selection command in combination with existing databases / worksheets
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