Landmark_SIG_047 Special Interest Group April (pm) 2014

In this session we looked at the difference between extrusions and hybrid objects, especially the different ways that they present in 2D. We also looked at some basic concepts regarding plan rotation, units and dimensions.



Topics Covered:

  • create & texture an extrusion
  • create & texture the same extrusion with the Floor tool (Architect & Landmark workspace)
  • create & texture the same extrusion with the Hardscape Tool [Slab] (Landmark only)
  • converting objects to Hybrid objects to preserve their desired 2D & 3D graphic appearance
  • scaling & rotating textures
  • using the Extract Tool to obtain a path in order to create an Extrude Along Path
  • creating a 3D pot by drawing a 2D shape, applying the Reshape Tool to fine-tune its shape, then using the Sweep command to finish
  • editing Auto Hybrids / Extrude Along Path
  • setting and accessing Working Planes
  • Rotate Tool
  • Rotate Plan tool
  • Rotated Top/Plan view
  • Dimension Tool and how to customize it (creating your personal Custom Dimension Standards)
  • changing Dimension Unit settings
  • Dual Dimensions and their use
  • Text Styles and their direct link to Custom Dimension Standards
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