Landmark_SIG_045 Special Interest Group February (pm) 2014

In this session we looked at plants in 3D, how to get the information you need to make them and how to place them on a site model.

Topics Covered:

  • Plants
  • 3D plants from (free)
  • They are not offered as Vectorworks compatible files yet, but we looked at a work around solution:
  • downloading their PNG file
  • creating an image prop with that file (applying the ‘Use Mask” option)
  • then using that image prop to create a 3D plant object that can be used with the Plant Tool
  • exporting this new plant to the database or favourite folder for future use
  • how to change the viewing angle of symbols / plug-in objects in the Resource Browser
  • Site Model & 3D Plants
  • drawing polylines
  • converting them to polygons (the downside of polygons is that they have [too] many vertices, which slow down the site modelling process)
  • using the Drafting Aids command to reduce the number of vertices and reduce the complexity
  • converting 2D Polys to 3D Contours
  • using the Select Similar Tool to select all 3D Loci
  • creating a Site Model
  • using the Reshape Tool on the Site Model (reshape the crop, moving or removing labels, etc.)
  • placing plants: if the Plant Tool (any mode) is used then plants will be placed at the correct elevation on the Site Model and there is no need for the Send to Surface command
  • placing a Site Modifier (Pad & Grade Limit)
  • plants placed (with the Plant Tool) before any Site Modifier has changed the Site Model will not automatically adjust to the new elevation. we show you what to do
  • how to convert a VBvisual Plant into a 3D Symbol so that it can be used with the Plant Tool and hence will recognise the Site Model settings automatically
  • besides images of plants offers loads of useful textures – check it out
  • another way of getting plants is to photograph them yourself. Making sure that you have a plain background makes editing them much easier
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