Landmark_SIG_044 Special Interest Group February (am) 2014

In this session we looked at plants in 3D. You can use the VBVisual Plant tool, you can use image props, or you can make your own 3D plants. We looked at some fun 3D modelling techniques to see how the can be used to make a 3D plant.

Topics Covered: 

  • VBvisual Plant tool (by default VW offers 3 free plants)
  • Where to buy more plants? How to download them and to download them to where
  • If you belong to VW SS, then you have access to more free plants (see Downloads on their website)
  • VW SS also offers many more free libraries such as furniture, scaffolding, planters, image fills, plants elevations, gardening databases, parking objects, lights, etc.
  • Adjust VBvisual plant settings (they are not image props, they are complete 3D objects)
  • Select Similar Tool: how to fine-tune the filter criteria
  • Select Similar Tool vs Eyedropper Tool
  • 3D modelling
  • Extrude Along Path
  • Draw Polyline and convert to NURBS Curve
  • Create cross section with the Polygon Tool (also using Mirror Tool)
  • Moving (NURBS) objects along a certain axis only (X/Y/Z Constrain Mode) with the Reshape Tool
  • Smart Cursor Settings
  • Loft Surface Tool (various modes)
  • Create solid
  • Keep curves
  • Rotate Tool (Duplicate Mode)
  • Scaling
  • Create Contours Tool, adjust, re-do Loft Surface Tool
  • Polyline Tool: Corner Vertex Mode
  • Draw Polyline and convert to NURBS Curve
  • Use Reshape Tool & Create Contours Tool
  • Align ends (manually)
  • Align & Distribute command
  • Use Loft Surface Tool (No Rail Mode)
  • Show Other Objects While in Edit Mode
  • Clip Cube Tool
  • The benefits of using Groups in complex designs
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