Vectorworks Tip #082 – Visualization – Fine Tune Camera

Once you have the camera selected, you can use the Object Info palette to Fine Tune the Camera. This opens a dialog box where you can change the height, angle and position of the camera. When you adjust the camera, the view updates so that you can see the changes.

4 thoughts on “Vectorworks Tip #082 – Visualization – Fine Tune Camera

  1. Perhaps there is a “camera” tutorial I should see before this makes any sense. I select the Camera, which I find in the Visualization Pallet, but do not find the view this camera is creating. Nor do I understand many of the settings. Is this description brief, or do I just need to dig elsewhere to understand this tool.

    Thanks, and no offense, but I’m lost.

    • Hi Richard,

      I believe there are many tutorials/videos about using the renderworks cameras. If you type in “renderworks camera” in the search bar at the upper right of the webpage, it should lead you to many such items. One that I found by doing a search was this one:

      Given the vast amount of Vectorworks knowledge posted on Jonathan’s site, I actually find it pretty rare to _not_ find answers to my questions by simply using the search tool.

      I hope this helps,

    • Place the camera in the design layer first. Then look at the Object Info palette. There is a button there to Display Camera View. There is also a button to Fine Tune the camera. The screen shot you see in this image is the fine tune dialog box. As Neil says, search the web site to find detailed posts on the Camera tool.

  2. Thank you too Jonathan for the boost. I realize now that I was a bit hasty in asking for help. I happened on your intro to this subscription and have become aware of how little I know about your web site. That intro was another wake up.

    Lots to do.

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