BIM_SIG_043 Architect Special Interest Group April 2014 (am)

In this session we looked at the problem where you want to have a thicker wall at the lower part of the wall. In this example we looked at a wall that had brick at the lower part and stucco above, but the same techniques would be used on any wall that wanted to have two thicknesses.


Topics covered:

  • Brick wall below, stucco wall above
  • wall preferences
  • setting a component with an offset from the wall top
  • creating a wall with a lower thick portion and a thinner upper portion
  • creating a wall with a baseboard or skirting
  • turn off Follow Top Wall peaks
  • when you adjust the wall height, the baseboard and lower wall change height.
  • inserting a door into the wall
  • assigning a texture to the lower part of the wall
  • creating a wall recess
  • creating a wall projection, using a 3D object for the lower wall
  • drawing the cross-section through the lower wall, then create an extrusion
  • using Set Position… to move the door
  • creating a section viewport
  • using an extrusion to create the lower part of the wall
  • using the Split tool and the Push/Pull tool to edit the extrusion
  • adding a texture to the extrusion
  • adding a door to the extrusion using automatic working planes and solid modelling
  • stacking two wall types or draw one wall in front of another
  • creating an odd shaped window in a wall
  • Use Symbol Geometry with a window
  • symbol insertion position
  • editing the Wall Hole Component to change the wall hole
  • assigning the window to a schedule
  • using the eyedropper tool to copy the attributes of a window and make them the default
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  1. It would be nice to be able to create a custom wall profile with different widths at different heights and different materials…while still allowing wall height variations. This would allow doors/windows to be installed as normal.

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