Landmark_SIG_042 Special Interest Group January 2014

In this session we looked at looking at ways of optimizing the graphics card as Vectorworks 2014 requires more resources, we compared the main screen of Windows 7 & Windows 8, we had a brief look at Scripting and the Utilities palette as well as the Custom Tool / Attributes (also watch CADmovie 933) and we explored several options to create post & wire fences (following contour):

Topics Covered:

1. Use Handrail tool
-> does not follow contour
2. Use Guardrail tool (Landmark AUS workspace – only available for AUS/NZ customers)
-> does follow slope and allows for mitred corners
3. 3D modelling (also see SST_1305)

  • Polygon tool
  • Duplicate Array
  • Extrude along Path (also watch CADmovie 897)
  • Extrude
  • Send to surface (on site model)
  • Edit Profile
  • Subtract Solids
  • Edit Solids
  • Edit Solid Subtraction
  • REMINDER: Always use my website to search for solutions to your issues / problems
  • using the Intersecting Lines command in the Line Render Options
  • looking at the many benefits and applications of Auto Hybrids (also watch CADmovie 863 [Auto-Hybrid])
  • Hatching for a deck
  • Concept of Hybrid Objects vs (Create) Auto Hybrid
  • Create Auto Hybrid command
  • Using classes to control the 2D Appearance of Hybrid Objects
  • Add workgroup folder to current file (to access previously created classes)
  • Use Zoom Line Thickness Mode
  • Adjust Cut Plane Elevation (of a Auto Hybrid object)
  • Edit Auto Hybrid Objects
  • Difference between using Hardscape and Auto Hybrid
  • Using VW standard table & chairs
  • Importing any 3D object, e.g. from Google 3D Warehouse, and convert to Auto Hybrid Object to obtain 2D graphic properties in VW
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