BIM_SIG_041 Architect Special Interest Group March 2014 (am)

The purpose behind these special interest group meetings is to cover a range of topics that might be slowing down the attendees. In the session we looked at worksheets, how to put window so that it suits a stair landing, how to use layer colours, how to texture a floor and how to use the attic in a roof.

Topics covered:

  • Worksheets, how to sort rows using the database headers.
  • How to insert a window at the correct height for a stair landing.
  • Setting the window height relative to the stair landing.
  • Options for the situation where the window is partly in one floor, partly in the other.
  • If your wall doesn’t render, it might be corrupt, so it needs re-drawing.
  • Reshaping a wall to change the height of the wall.
  • Using layer colors to line up the walls of a building.
  • How to set the colors of the layers.
  • How to set the slab of the floor above to bound to the walls of the floor below.
  • The problem with the texture on the edge of a floor object in a stairwell.
  • Inserting an attic in a roof.
  • Using the attic to draw the upper walls.
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