BIM_SIG_039 Architect Special Interest Group February 2014 (am)

This session looked at a variety of topics, starting with detailling, curtain wall glazing, sheet borders (title blocks), planar graphics on buildings and ending with stair graphics.

Topics covered:

  • detailing
  • using BIM for detailing
  • section viewport settings
  • controlling the depth of a section viewport
  • discussion about the graphic style of details
  • drawing a 2D section, or getting details from the 3D model
  • drawing a curtain wall using the Window Wall tool
  • setting the options on the Window Wall
  • can’t insert a door or window into the window wall
  • using the Surface Array command to make a curtain wall
  • setting the options for Surface Array
  • editing the surface array to remove an area for a door
  • use auto-hybrid to create the plan view of the curtain wall
  • editing the base surface of the Surface Array
  • Sheet border tool
  • choosing the base symbol for the sheet border
  • setting the sheet border options
  • finding the sheet border base symbol
  • entering the Project information for all the sheet borders
  • editing the base symbol to add the consultants’ names
  • editing the base symbol to add a logo image
  • automatic drawing coordination will fill in the sheet border for you
  • creating a drawing list
  • editing the drawing list, setting the criteria
  • adding 3D hatching to the building
  • editing the stair graphic arrow
  • using classes in the stair graphics
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3 thoughts on “BIM_SIG_039 Architect Special Interest Group February 2014 (am)

  1. I don’t seem to be getting any content with the posts I get in your emails. This one on the SIG in Feb says “Stream not found – null”. The Novedge link doesn’t have anything to see or read or link to. Can you help??

    • If you find a post that has that, it means that the link needs correcting or updating in some way. send me an email and I will fix it. I have fixed this one.

  2. Jonathan,

    What must one do, or how must the drawing list worksheet be set up, so that information entered in the worksheet itself goes back to Navigation palette?

    You show the two-way updating of the date at about 41:00, but of course this doesn’t show up in the Nav palette. I am trying to do two-way updates with Sheet numbers and Sheet Titles so that the new information appears not only on the sheet but in the Nav palette too. Is that possible?


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