Vectorworks Tip #066 – Basic Tools – Unified View

When you set up models on different layers, it can be awkward to change views to see the entire model. The answer is to use Unified View. Unified View is located on the right side of the View Bar (at the top of the screen). This allows you to work on the model and be able to see all the layers joined together.


2 thoughts on “Vectorworks Tip #066 – Basic Tools – Unified View

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Is Unified View still relevant for VW 2014? I was going through your SST_1201 manual from 2012 and you referred to unified view for working with stories. I wanted to know more about the unified view as I haven’t heard of it since starting with you and VW training a couple of months ago. So I typed it in and got this video. I see it was posted April 2014 but the video is using VW 2010.


    • Unified View is still VERY relevant. YO may not have heard me talk about it, but I bet I have been using it. Next time you see me change the view to a 3D view, look for the Unified View icon near the top right of the Vectorworks window. It’s on the View bar next to the Rendering menu. I use it a lot, but i do not always talk about it.

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