0070 iPad Tip – Microsoft Word on the iPad

Microsoft has just released an iPad version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For the first time you can now edit Word documents using Microsoft software on your iPad. In the past, there have been third-party applications that will allow you to edit your Word documents. These third-party apps have not always worked consistently. Now at last you can use Microsoft software to edit your Word documents.

The major challenge I see at the moment with this new Microsoft software is that you must have an Office 365 subscription in order to access online documents. Typical Microsoft, they have decided not to integrate Dropbox into these applications, instead forcing you to use their own online system called SkyDrive. I think this is a huge mistake. Many other developers are integrating Dropbox into their applications.

One thought on “0070 iPad Tip – Microsoft Word on the iPad

  1. Hi Jonathan

    We are a small architectural team based in Rochester UK and, having been exposed to your website for the past three weeks we find the wealth of information available to be extremely valuable. Many thanks for that.

    Your explanation of accessing Word via Dropbox has been very helpful in that I was struggling to understand why I was not able to edit my Word docs within Dropbox and now I know why. It’s impossible. This is a pitty as I always use my iPad out side the office and especially at home after office hours.

    We have Office 365 for all our staff and frankly we find it a bit of a donkey and clunky to use. That is, it is not the most fluent way for us as architects to manage drawings files and file transfer. Whilst we focus on Dropbox for our file transfer to other external professional colleagues and clients, perhaps we are missing out on some useful features associated with Office 365.

    My question therefore is this. It there anybody within the Arhoncad fraternity using Office 365 in a manner other than indicated above and what is the trick.

    Thanks again

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