Vectorworks Tip #054 – Sending Large Files with Hightail

When you try to share files with another user, you are likely try to e-mail the files to them. But there is a limit to the size of the files you can e-mail, usually about 5 MB. One of the ways of sharing very large files is to use an online service like Hightail allows you to create a free online account where you can upload your files and then send a link to that. You can also pay a subscription and have access to a large online storage facility where you can send very large files, up to 10 GB per file.

2 thoughts on “Vectorworks Tip #054 – Sending Large Files with Hightail

  1. Thanks for that tip Jonathan. I have tried a couple of other file sharing sites and they are overly complicated. This one is simple and works well

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