SST_1403 – Introduction to IFC

Cover ImageIFC Exporting and Importing. There has been a lot of talk recently about Building Information Modelling. In some countries this has become a major topic because some governments are moving towards a situation where all projects will be delivered using BIM principles. A major part of BIM this is to use IFC to export and import information from other parts of the project.

In this manual we will be looking at what IFC stands for, what IFC is, how Vectorworks creates IFC objects and how to export them. Because IFC is about exporting information for other programs to read, we will also look at an independent IFC viewer. The viewer is useful for allowing you to see how your project will look when other people import it. We will finish off the manual by looking at special IFC objects and how to create your own IFC objects when they are not automatically created by Vectorworks.


  • Introduction
  • IFC Objects in Vectorworks
  • Exporting your model to IFC
  • IFC Model Viewer
  • What is IFC for?
  • Setting up a Project for IFC
  • Using an IFC Model Viewer
  • Flipped Doors and Windows
  • Creating Special IFC Objects
  • Importing IFC Files into Vectorworks
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