SST_1402 – Introduction to Plants and The Plant Database

Cover Image_lowIntroduction to Planting – Planting in Vectorworks is very important for designers and landscapers. But not every object in Vectorworks is a plant, only specific objects can be thought of as plants. A plant is the combination of 2D graphics 3D graphics and data. These are combined together to create what Vectorworks calls a plant.

In the first part of this manual we will be looking at how a plant in made in general terms.
In the next part of the manual we will look at the different methods for placing plants. There are four main ways of placing plants. We will give each of these methods along with some tips on when they are most suitable.
Next we will be looking in detail at how to create a plant. We will look at the data, the 2D graphics, and 3D graphics, to see how these are combined into a plant object, along with tips on the best use of classes for plants.
Then we will be looking at the Plant Database. Some users confuse this with a plant library, but it is different.


  • What is a Plant?
  • Planting
  • Placing Single Plants
  • Placing Multiple Plants By Clicking
  • Placing Multiple Plants By Spacing
  • Placing Multiple Plants By Array
  • Change Plant Grouping
  • Plant Graphics
  • Plant Database
  • Opening the Plant Database
  • Importing a Plant Database
  • Finding Duplicate Plants
  • Finding a Plant
  • Adding a Plant to the Plant Database
  • Creating a Plant List
  • Creating a New Plant
  • Importing an Older Plant Database
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